He then went to the basement, called 911, left the house, and hid in the woods until police arrived.

My favorite part of the Anna Benson-Kris Benson domestic dispute. Fooled her with the old “I gotta get my wallet” routine.

Pictured above is Kris before running off to Flushing Meadows to hide from a hungry Mo Vaughn.

Don’t Compare Manny Machado To Brooks Robinson

Manny is Manny. Brooks is Brooks. They are both excellent and can stand on their own.

It is dumb to compare a hall of famer to a new guy. Especially just because they play for the same team.

Stop it!

And stop comparing Seaver to Harvey!

Expectations go so high and when the bubble burst a little, it’s the end of the world.

Vote For Yasiel Puig In The MLB All-Star Final Vote

"He hasn’t played long enough."

"Think of the game and what it means, some deserving veteran would miss out."

"Sure it’s a showcase and for the fans, but this means something!"

All phony statements. Many of them made by people who probably didn’t deserve to be called All-Stars themselves.

Now if the All-Star game is what they say it is and it is a showcase of the best and brightest, why wouldn’t Puig be on there? He’s lighting it up. He’s one of the most popular players to ever grace a Dodger uniform (which boggles my mind). It’s a great business decision to let him play.

Look at Bo Jackson and what he did at the All-Star Game. Electricity. And then poof, he was gone.

Strike while this iron is hot I say.

And in another point of view, if this game means so much and is so celebrated, why are they trying to spice it up by letting it determine home field for the World Series? Why are they trying to peak fan interest by making it a media event? Why are they allowing the fans to vote?

And with that first why, if it is such a meaningful game, why are the fans voting at all?

It’s a show. It’s supposed to be fun. And I think this old guard of baseball fandom should have it stuck to them.

Vote Puig. He’s deserving even if he’s only played a month. And more importantly, he will stick it to the establishment.

So vote and vote and vote again.

Bryan Curtis at Grantland wrote a fine post in May about @MrBrianKenny on MLB Network and mentioned the video above. Great stuff.

This is one of many examples why you should be watching MLB Now on MLB Network. Kenny butts heads with Harold Reynolds and others on the other side of the SABR debate daily and it has yet to disappoint.

As Curtis outlines, Kenny does not back away from the facts and is usually talking circles around Reynolds, a guy who knows more because he watches the games.

As a SABR nomad, sort of living on the new fringe of it all and still trying to digest and understand what is being discussed, I appreciate the show. It has really given me a good tete-a-tete on the subject (a self defined idiot).

I really enjoyed Brian Kenny on ESPN and talking about the fights. I’m happy to find out he’s still doing it on Showtime, but I think he’s cemented himself as my favorite baseball guy on TV currently.

If you can’t investigate Ron Santo, you mustn’t buy Ron Santo.

If you can’t investigate Ron Santo, you mustn’t buy Ron Santo.

The Bartolo Colon Experience

Could watch this all day.

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